Terms & Conditions

MoJo Cues Limited

T and Cs 

SHORT VERSION... (i.e. the bits you might actually want to know)

1. MoJo sell at the prices quoted on the website, but prices may vary according to the wishes of independent stockists.

2. MoJo will not accept returned goods that have been bought at a stockist, the purchase is exclusive to that stockist, and detail of the sale, (refunds, exchanges, etc) are not the responsibility of MoJo Cues.

3. For non-personalised, standard items, MoJo undertake to deliver your cue within 3-4 working days, on a 'Signed For' basis for added security, although next day delivery is an option. Next Day delivery options applies to standard cues in stock, with orders placed prior to 2pm.  Personalised items will take longer to be delivered.   MoJo is not responsible if something does not arrive quicker, when you have not paid for a Special Delivery service. If you pay for basic postage it will be sent by this method.   Nearer Christmas Special Delivery is recommended particularly for expensive personalised items.  

4. MoJo cannot offer refunds for unwanted presents, but only in the instance of a manufacturing fault, though all goods are checked before sending, and proof must be given before a refund is agreed.   All problems must be flagged up within 14 days of receipt. Presents bought that are engraved or personalised cannot be returned as they are madefor you!

5. Any returned goods for the purpose of an exchange must be in an unused condition.   MoJo will require payment for the sending of new goods in the event of an exchange in which the customer has bought the wrong item, e.g. the wrong sized tip. In these instances, agreement must be obtained from MoJo Cues, and to ensure as stated above, the goods are in an unused condition and we have items in stock.

6. MoJo takes no responsibility for cues damaged through usage unsuitable to that which they are designed, namely playing pool and snooker.

7. MoJo does not offer refunds or exchanges on personalised cues, bespoke ordered cues, nor accept responibilty for mistakes due to mis-spelling (for instance) when the details are filled in and verified by the customer (we are not mind-readers).   We do avoid this happening by doing mock-ups for approval or amendment because the last thing we want is for you to be unhappy. In the event you do make a mistake, ring us and tell us, because we do care, and we will try our best to find a workable solution.

8. MoJo takes no responsibility for the irresponsible use of any of its products; MoJo cues sells its cues on the understanding they are for the enjoyment and playing of pool and snooker.  Damage caused to cues by trying to use them for purposes other than these (eg, getting a frisbee stuck in a tree, turning off the fire alarm on the ceiling...) or that done to the cue by the new owner are at the individual's own risk. Anyway - you've paid for it, look after it!

9. MoJo Must be informed of any faults within 14 days of delivery, beyond that the window of opportunity to give us the heads-up and tell us you have a problem has passed.

10. Mock-ups of engravings and personalisation are done to the best of our knowledge but as the name addition process is a delicate one, occasionally we may have to compromise on stylistic elements (ie spacing) but will always endeavour to do what is asked!

11. Items that are returned at the choice of the customer subject to agreement with MoJo representativesthat are not deficient in their accuracy or ability to play pool / snooker will be refunded minus the cost of the original postage. There is also a standard £1.50 charge for the packaging which is also deducted. This cost is normally carried by MoJo but not in the case of a return. Thankfully, we rarely ever have to do a refund, but we aren't a charity, hence why we have these rules.

12. Items that are returned for a refund must be packaged properly; if the item suffers damage, we will either refuse a refund altogether or depending on the damage, refund a percentage of the value. This is easily avoided if customers show MoJo Cues the same respect that we would show them in the quality and security of the packaging we use to send the item originally.   This may sound obvious and straightforward but experience has taught us not everyone bothers!

13. Imperfect Bargains are sold because there is some surface imperfection that means we can't in good conscience sell them at full price. Imperfect bargains are not inferior cues as regards their accuracy and playing ability. The items when bought are non-returnable and non-refundable.


14. The MoJo Family is a creation of MoJo, and while they gladly welcome all customers to be a member, entitling them to 10% off any future purchases and a 5% family discount, it is at MoJo's discretion whether to revoke membership and the privileges involved. Customers who abuse the generosity and good will of MoJo will not be included in the MoJo Family Directory, and MoJo reserves the right to revoke membership if it is felt they need to - It's never happened, but you never know, not everyone's nice!

LONG VERSION... (Quick way to fall asleep)

1. GENERAL 1.1 In these conditions “we” “us” “our” “the Firm” “the Company” means Mo Jo Cues Limited “you” “your” means the person or organisation placing a contract with us. “equipment” means the goods supplied by us. 1.2 Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing these conditions supersede any other conditions issued by us and shall override any terms or conditions stipulated incorporated or referred to by you at any stage even if these are stated to take precedence over any other conditions 1.3 You shall not assign or transfer any of your interest hereunder. 1.4 You will acquaint yourself with statutory and other relevant requirements relating to the equipment and its use and you will comply with such requirements. You will also ensure that any purchaser of the equipment from you will also acquaint himself with and will comply with such requirements. 1.5 You will assume responsibility for the capacity and the performance characteristics of the equipment being adequate and suitable for your requirements and also for the accuracy of all information written or otherwise supplied by you to us. 1.6 Unless otherwise stated our quotations are subject to withdrawal prior to contract. 1.7 The Firm reserves its entitlement to sub-contract this contract or any part thereof.

2. SPECIFICATIONS DRAWINGS AND OTHER INFORMATION 2.1 Our drawings weights dimensions specifications and other descriptive matters are approximate only unless specified otherwise. We reserve the right to change materials dimensions design and descriptions without notice provided these changes do not substantially affect performance or cost. 2.2 Your order is accepted subject to you providing us with all information to enable the contract to proceed without delay. 2.3 All information documents and materials supplied to you by us relating in any way to the equipment are confidential and copyright. Without our prior written consent no such material or information shall be disclosed to any third party.

3. PRICE 3.1 Unless otherwise stated our prices are net £-sterling and do not include VAT or any other government tax charge or duty. 3.2 The price will be contained in our valid quotation or by reference to our price lists ruling at the date of despatch. An additional charge may be made to cover the rise in the cost of materials arising between the date of quotation and the date of delivery.

4. PAYMENT 4.1 All invoice sums must be paid within the time stated of the date invoice. We may charge interest at five per cent over Barclays base lending rate on all sums unpaid 28 days after they are due. 4.2 We reserve the right to suspend completion of or terminate the contract if our payment terms are not complied with holding you liable for any damages or costs arising therefrom. 4.3 You will discharge all sums due under this contract without any claim for set-off or counterclaims whatsoever. 4.4 Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in equipment the ownership of the equipment shall not pass to you until the firm has received in cash or cleared funds payment in full of all sums owing to us under the contract or any other contract for which payment is then due. 4.5 Until such time as ownership passes to you we shall be entitled at any time to require you to permit us to enter upon any premises of yours or any third party where the equipment is stored or installed and to repossess the same. 4.6 You shall not be entitled to pledge or in any way charge by way of security for any indebtedness any of the equipment which remains our property but if you do so all monies owing by you to us shall (without prejudice to any other right or remedy of ours) forthwith become due and payable. 4.7 Without prejudice to any other obligations or conditions of sale you shall insure the equipment to the full purchase cost against loss or damage arising from any cause whatsoever our interest as owners being notified to the insurers.

5. WARRANTY Only the original manufacturers warranty will apply.

6. EXCLUSIONS 6.1 Except as may be provided by these conditions of sale we shall not be liable for:- 6.1.1 any loss of damage of whatsoever kind (including consequential loss or damage) of howsoever caused other than death or personal injury arising from our negligence caused to you or any third party and any terms condition warranty or representation to the contrary other than under Section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 whether express or implied is excluded except insofar as such exclusion is not permitted by law. 6.1.2 any representation written or oral made to you by us or by anyone on our behalf before this contract is made unless specifically agreed in writing by a Director of the company that the said representation is a term of contract. 6.2 Except as otherwise stated herein you shall indemnify us against all liability to third parties including costs charges and expenses which we may incur or suffer in connection with the existence and/or use of equipment whether or not the property in the said equipment has passed to you at the time when such claim arises. 6.3 We shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of any equipment. If any such delay occurs then (unless the cause thereof shall frustrate or render impossible or illegal the performance of the contract or shall otherwise discharge the same) the period for performing our obligations shall be extended to such period (not being limited to the length of the delay) as we may reasonably require to complete the performance of our obligations.

7. INSOLVENCY OR DEFAULT If you commit any breach of the contract or become insolvent or threaten to stop payment or become unable to pay your debts or commit any act of bankruptcy or go into liquidation or have a receiver appointed as to all or any part of your assets we reserve the right to terminate the contract forthwith but without prejudice to any right or remedy which we may lawfully enforce or exercise and without any obligation to return to you any sums paid to us hereunder. We shall be under no liability to complete any work started be it of design manufacture or commissioning and may stop any equipment in transit to you unless paid for in full.

8. ARBITRATION If any dispute question or difference shall arise between you and us (other than an action for the payment of sums owing to us) which we are unable to resolve between you and us then the matter shall be referred to arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1990 or any statutory modifications or re-enactment for the time being in force.

9. LEGAL CONSTRUCTION 9.1 Unless otherwise stated any contract with us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England.

9.2 All rights and obligations are finally and exclusively stipulated by the regulation of this contract.

1. The offer is only open to those who make a full price cue purchase from the MoJo Cues website, www.mojocues.co.uk. 
2. PIO is available once per cue purchased, and to be used within 3 months of the original purchase being made. 
3. PIO begins on the 20th April, 2007 and all customers after this date may participate for the 3 months after their purchase, regardless of when MoJo Cues may decide to end the PIO (they may not…). 
4. The £10 sterling cheque will be released to the primary purchaser and posted after 3 Simple Steps have been completed:

a) The Primary Purchaser must successfully purchase and receive their cue, and keep it until the returns time has expired (though no one has had a problem yet, this is just necessary legalities!). b) The Primary Purchaser is then free to nominate a friend who has shown interest and green-eyed envy of their cue, by sending an email to sales@mojocues.co.uk with the name and any details regarding their friend’s anticipated purchase. c) The friend must then make their purchase from the website, and again, keep it for the statutory returns/exchange period… 5. The cheque of £10 will be made out to the name of the Primary Purchaser and posted to the billing address provided with the original purchase. 6. Each purchase enables that customer the right to participate afresh in this offer – if someone chooses to buy two, they can enter twice, even nominate the same friend, if all of the above criteria are fulfilled. 7. These terms and conditions are designed to be simple and to give people the chance to enjoy playing with their MoJo, being proud of it, being with their friends, and importantly, to reward them for recommending MoJo. These terms and conditions may change IF it is found that the goodwill of MoJo Cues is being abused. Such changes will then be enforced forthwith, with notification made on the website.

MoJo Cues would like to point out to all that much of the above is fairly obvious but, unfortunately, we have to have these rules. Our experience has so far brought us into contact with lots of very friendly, nice people, and a 100% happy customer record, and we want to keep it that way!

Get involved, and take part in Pass It On – if you’ve read this far you clearly want to! And it’s a great excuse to play more pool!