Add Your Name Or Nickname In Gold Or Silver

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Want to make your cue just that little bit more special or is it a present for someone important? Either way, we can add your name, nickname, initials (you tell us!) onto the cue in shiny or matt silver and gold metallic finish.

Add this product to your basket and we'll send a Name Addition form through to your email once the order goes through in which you can tell us your preferred font styles, size and colour. Once we've had that back from you, we can then do you a selection of mock-up representations giving you a selection of options to choose from so you can see exactly how the cue will look. Once you're happy and the preferred file chosen, we can then get work started to turn your awesome MoJo Cue into a little more special MoJo Cue!

Looks absolutely superb! Don't do average! Do awesome!


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