Silver Lockable Aluminium Case - 2pc

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The sleek shiny professional version Aluminium Case, this is a superb case worthy of a good cue, and the duty to protect yours from come what may! (Including drunk enthusiastic friends, unexpected fast moving objects like dogs or doors and worse!)

The silveraluminium and black rubber reinforced areas on the ends of the case, combined with the thick-foam grey-silver interior are, sadly, rather difficult to photograph, so if you are unclear on anything, check out the silver version, and that should help clarify things. Naturally it has the double secure clasp locks, there is a space at the end on the RHS for chalk, emergency TicTacs and maybe a lucky pair of knickers (more interesting than a rabbit's foot), and yes, the one thing you're really worried about, the two keys will come on a 8-ball keyring!

Truly awesome as far as cases go, it is worth every penny if you want your cue to last a good long time, unblemished and gorgeous, and so you can relax when you take it anywhere, without worrying about how clumsy other people can be - you'd feel just as safe and happy if you could drive to work everyday in a tank....(whether or not you are James Bond)


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