Leatherette 2 pc Cue Tube - For Personalisation Orders!

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Because MoJo can't do everything, but we like to offer everything, we've got this Laperti Cue Tube for those who don't want a hard case box, but DO want to look after their cue!

With a hint of James Bond style in the black leatherette finish, this case is an easy to use, pick-up-put-down kind of case, no complicated locks or frills. The cue fits in to the fitted spaces on the inside, so the cue is always 100% supported and surrounded by padding. The case comes with an adjustable black strap, so you can carry it on the shoulder or by your side, or, if you're on a mission, across the body, so its safely tucked out the way when you're vaulting over those walls and hunting down those bad guys.

Easy to take off and pop in the boot of that Aston Martin (not included) when you're finished playing. For what it is, it gets the job done and it does it well! Also has a nifty chalk holder attached to the zip that fits on the inside of the lid! Very 007!


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