Skywalker Light Saber Cue 9mm tip

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Want to make entrance? Don't believe in quiet, but only loud Loud LOUD? Want something eye-catching to make people stare? This unmissable cue is so bright it glows even in a dark room. A colour so bright and strong it would probably make Darth Vader put on some extra shades, can you harness the power? Have you own super hero moment whenever you like! A secret weapon of distraction for your team to use against all opponents!

If the pictures aren't convincing enough, if anyone knows what a Dyno-Rod van looks like -that unmissable luminescent orange-red-pink glow that reflects the colour onto the road, house etc this is the SAME COLOUR. It really is that bright! Just be careful - it might make your eyes go squwiffy if you have a few too many celebratory drinks after beating everyone else at the baize...but you'll never be able to forget it...!

The only place in the world you can get right here. Life too short to be tame; take a walk on your wilder side.

This is for the snooker / UK Pool size 0.9cm tip version, standard weight 19oz. (Call if you'd like an 18oz or a 20oz.) See the American Pool cues category for our 13mm version.


  • Length:

    57 inches, Full Length

  • Tip:

    0.9cm Snooker / UK Pool size tip

  • Grip:

    Super-smooth shaft area nearer the tip, as with the two piece MoJos, this is to enable glide action over the hand, and avoid sticking.

  • Weight:


  • Join:

    Screw Join

Skywalker Light Sabre Dickie Skin from South Wales

Im soooooo happy with my purchase of this cue. This cue really is one of the brightest products you will ever see!!! Its absolutely stunning. Especially mine having my nickname engraved on it, makes it stand out even more. It flows over the hand perfectly. Good weight and well balanced. Really happy with mine. The customer service with Mojo is top draw and I recommend them to everyone. Big thanks to Stephanie and the guys at Mojo.

Very Happy Alicia Lewis

Very impressed with the cue and thank you for being generous and sending a case & chalk too, well definitly be buying and recommending you to others

Many thanks alicia
P.s the gift wrapping was lovely and the sweet too :)