Celtic Weave

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A cue with an exterior finish quite refined and individual. An usual weave grip, this cue is certainly for the confident, with a hint towards a competitive spirit...Beautifully finished in detail and colour, strong but with subtle design elements...

Very unusual metal band around the very bottom with the texture of the weave grip which gives it a more earthy feel, those who like things tactile but sleek and precise. Not for the frivilous and foolish!


  • Length:

    57 inches, Full Length

  • Tip:

    1.3cm American Pool size tip

  • Grip:

    Blac-white thread grip and super-smooth shaft area nearer the tip, as with the two piece MoJos, this is to enable glide action over the hand, and avoid sticking.

  • Weight:


  • Join:

    Screw Join