4pc Shadowman Professional Cue - 19oz version

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For anyone who takes his snooker game rather seriously whether at home, their local club or in a league, this cue will do the job, and do it exceptionally well.

Crafted for its accuracy and versatility of size to help with whatever shots you might have to play, the smooth faultless exterior finishes help give you that extra boost of confidence when you step up to play. Sleek black with a red flash on one butt, it has the three different butts so you have room to manoeuvre. Play to your best abilities by being properly equipped!

How it breaks down:

Full length cue with 3/4 join using top shaft and middle-sized butt piece (can accept 6inch extension or 20 inch extension on the end)
Top shaft with 6inch extension to make a 50 inch cue
Top shaft with 20 inch extension to make a 64inch cue

So you can go extra long, standard length or shorter! Very versatile - whatever is most comfortable or best for the shot you have to play!


  • Length:

    57 inches, 50inches, 64inches

  • Tip:

    0.9cm snookersize tip

  • Grip:

    Super-smooth shaft area nearer the tip, as with the two piece MoJos, this is to enable glide action over the hand, and avoid sticking.

  • Weight:


  • Join:

    Quick release screw with brass fittings