Dark Infinity

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If the pictures of this cue make it look dark, that is because it is. We had so many requests last year for a pure black cue, so here it is!

Dark, sleek and with a dangerous ability to disappear in shadow, this is definitely a cue for anyone who loves a bit of Darth Vadar, Batman, and any icon who always seems to be so in control - there's nothing frilly about this cue, and it means business!

Because of the pure black finish, (which does have a grip - in case you haven't managed to see it in the pictures!) it means that personalisation comes out relly well, especially shiny silver so if you want to add your own decoration (Batman, if you're out there, we can do your Bat symbol), name or motif, that would be the cherry on top of a very tasty cake. See the Personalisation categories and the Gallery for more ideas and pictures!


  • Length:

    57 inches, Full Length

  • Tip:

    1.3cm American Pool size tip

  • Grip:

    Black high-tech suede grip and super-smooth shaft area nearer the tip, as with the two piece MoJos, this is to enable glide action over the hand, and avoid sticking.

  • Weight:


  • Join:

    Screw Join

Cue with Name YC

Looks stunning. Thank you!!!

Fast! Reynaldo Sarmiento

Hi Steph,just to let u know that i have receive the cue and the case already a little while ago,im very please with the item.i cant wait to go and try it in my local pub.thanks a lot!