Delicious Metallic Cadbury Purple Cue

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Who has eaten Cadburys Chocolate? Who doesn't know that familiar gorgeous deep purple colour that can get your tastebuds tingling at 50 yards? Well, though not made of chocolate this cue really can get your senses going though we don't recommend you try and eat it!

So sleek and smooth, the colour so irresistibly lush, like molten amethysts, this cue is sure to be a firm favourite and the prize possession for anyone who gets one! Really deep but rich, its colour is attractive to both men and women. Please note that these are the first ones in the country, so if you love the idea of being one of an exclusive set of people, this will certainly give you that. This is now a strong contender to be in the MoJo staff's top 5 cues out of the whole range - and we get to oggle them regularly and the competition is tight!

Other weights available - please get in touch if you want an 18 or 20oz.


  • Length:

    57 inches, Full Length

  • Tip:

    0.9cm Snooker / UK Pool size tip

  • Grip:

    Super-smooth shaft area nearer the tip, as with the two piece MoJos, this is to enable glide action over the hand, and avoid sticking.

  • Weight:


  • Join:

    Screw Join