Charlton Athletic Cue

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One of the oldest clubs with a fantastic local fanbase! This cue is a real positive step towards a bright bold future; the classic Charlton red on the but combined with a shaft that sports the unmistakable sword and hand insignia, topped off by a pure white top shaft with the usual super-smooth MoJo finish.

On the butt end there is the beautifully finished Charlton Badge in full gloss colour, with red, white and silver hoops! Limited Edition and sure to be snapped up fast! Available locally on the Charlton Athletic Club Shop at the Stadium in The Valley And Online!


  • Length:

    Full Length, 2pc

  • Tip:

    0.9cm, 9 layers

  • Grip:

    Super smoothed top shaft to enable glide over your hand when taking a shots and avoiding sticking

  • Weight:

  • Join: