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1) Our Current Offers, Promotions and Latest Goodies! 
2)The Company... 
3) Where We Are... 
4) The Future WIth MoJo... 
5) Delivery Info... 
6) Teams, Clubs and Pubs... 
7) The Product... 
8) This Website... 
9) Finally...Be A Part Of Us!... 
10) Laser Engraving FAQ... 
11) Name Addition & Bespoke Cue FAQs...

12) And lastly...some feedback from out happy customers!


1) Current Offers! 

Each week, one or two cues will go on the site for £35 - we only choose on the morning, so its totally random but it is a fab bargain!    There is also now the Tuesday Teaser, Fun Fridays and the occasional random promotion just to help you treat yourself or someone else to a little something!   Keep an eye on our Hot Offers on the Home page or check out the Offers Category!


2)The Company... 

MoJo is a company based in the West Midlands (UK) run by a committed, friendly and determined group of enthusiastic people, who want you to get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from your pool and snooker playing. We are really proud of our product, and believe in offering quality and maintaining high standards.  

MoJo started as the project-baby of a family team, and we are still working hard to turn that baby into a giant, and enjoying all the challenges that come with it.  Seeing a potential for offering people something that they can't find anywhere else, even less of the same excellent quality MoJo can offer, we are sure that we will always have something to match your own particular MoJo: racy, shy, conservative or loud. We are always thinking up new designs to offer you, and if there is something you really would love to see on a cue then let us know - it just might happen!


3) Where we are...

MoJo has stockists around the UK that give you a point of sale where you can go and see, handle (and groan) as you try and decide which cue it is you'd like.   We enjoy working with our stockists, and are always keen to add more to the list so we can reach our customers from Aberdeen, to Lands End, to Mayfair, so if you think you would like a MoJo display cabinet in your shop, or want to recommend someone we can talk to, email to let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Plus, for those MoJo-ans who live locally (Leamington Spa, Warwick), if you don't want to have to worry about delivery costs, we can arrange for in person collection, the additional benefit of which is that you can meet the team!

Address: MoJo Cues, Unit 4B, Harriott Drive, Heathcote Industrial Estate, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV34 6TJ

4) The Future With MoJo...

Despite being a small company, we have some of the brightest sparks in the box, and for that reason, we've got some quite exciting little developments up our sleeves.  Selling strongly is our Name and Graphic Addition service, so that you can really personalise your cue or add a special touch to an already excellent present by having a name, motto, logo or club crest added to the cue, in shiny gold, silver or whatever colour you like so it stands out, gorgeous, glossy and just like you imagined in your head.

Also, if you've had a chance to have a good poke around the site and explore the categories in the Cue Shop, you'll have found our Football Cues - and there are more on the way, it's just a matter of time, but we're aiming to get more released mid-year.   Naturally, we want to tell you as soon as we can, and we will - if you want automatic notification, email us to get the latest news.

But, if you think that's cool, 'you ain't seen nothin' yet' as some famous film character once said (film buffs please get in touch and tell me) so what this space for more orignal and innovative designs...


5) Delivery Info...

All our deliveries are signed for, so please be aware that we take this extra care to make sure you get your purchase safe into your own hands, or someone within your household. If it's for a special occasion, birthdays, Christmas or graduation for example, we can not only do gift wrap, but try and make sure you get the gift without it being seen...

Emergency Gift Buying however that may need something quicker and for sales outside the UK, please get in touch to find out costs and how to arrange postage. MoJo would like to make clear that we do not make money on this postage.


6) Teams, Pubs and Clubs...

MoJo also offers teams and pool clubs to have their very own cues with their badge or crest on; one of our oldest customers, Cambridge University Pool Team, has recently been in the BUSA Championships and for a second year done extremely well, which should give any carbon-fibre technology cynics a bit to think about...

The design service is free, though there are minimum order numbers, but until you ask, you'll never know what superb cue personalised for you and your team-mates we can create for you. If you'd like some more information, just email! It's very very simple...


7) The Product...

Beautifully finished exterior is superbly complimented with precision cut titanium and stainless steel alloy fittings at joint and tip, tips (whatever diameter) are 9 layers, with aerospace quality carbon-fibre and wood technology combined to make a perfectly swing-weighted, precision centered, non-warp, impact resistant cue that won't let you down. The top shaft also boasts a special ultra-smooth section that means you'll never have to chalk your hand again, which is why the top-shaft is more matted than the bottom. On the very end of the butt, is a small pad to make easy standing or leaning of the cue. Some of work that goes into making a MoJo Cue is done by hand and therefore, there may be some very minor differences between cues especially on the more decorated. MoJo is really proud of their product and would ask all customer to give them the respect such a great item deserves; these cues will and can look just as great the first time you see them, as 5 years later (or 10, etc) if treated properly. They are designed for the playing of pool and snooker, and any misuse or maltreatment of your purchase is taken at your own risk (trying to get conkers off a tree, or get back a stuck frisbee etc - these are not part of our cues remit...)! Treat it like a fun but trusted friend, and you'll not go wrong!


8) This Website... 

This website is daily updated and checked, and we can guarantee that it is fully secure, and you can rest easy that you will get excellent, prompt and friendly service. We're not scary at all, so if you have a question please don't hesitate to get in touch!

The website is also fully secure - we use Sage Pay as our payment gateway, which, if you know anything about the business, Sage Pay is the preferred online payment service for most online shops!   In fact, we're so conscious of being secure, we employ 3D secure checks, so there's more of a chance you might not be thought to be'safe' as a purchaser! If this happens, do get in touch, as there are so many little things that could affect your card working (one letter in your address even) that we're happy to help you sort out your order.

Cards we accept are: Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Visa and Visa Debit.

Sadly, we do not accept American Express or Via Electron

We do take many orders by cheques or postal orders, however, so if you do still like paying like that, please make them payable to MoJo Cues and send them to:

 MoJo Cues, Unit 4B, Harriott Drive, Heathcote Industrial Estate, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV34 6TJ


9) Finally...Be A Part Of Us!...

Knowing how important it is to get a lucky break now and again, we are open-minded and will always give people the best chance to be a success, whether as a stockist or a local rep. We always take comments and suggestions seriously as we appreciate your feedback.  So far, we have only happy customers and we want to keep it that way!

10 Personalisation FAQs...

a) What personalisation can I have put onto a cue?
Short answer: Almost anything! Longer Answer: Recently we have had small projects involving dolphins to commemorate a fantastic family holiday, and a lambourghini because he just loved them! It depends on what you want, best to get in touch, ask us and we can be more specific - sometimes the more involved engravings cost a extra but the quality and the uniqueness of them make it 110% worth the effort. Lots of people go for just their names, which not only looks quite professional, is also a security factor - no one can take your cue and pretend it's theirs!

 b) Which MoJo cues can be personalised?
All of our cues can be personalised, though due to the different types, the placement of the text/image you choose can vary, though we always put it somewhere that it will look good and not get lost in patterns or colours.   Each laser order is given individual attention, and while we send the form to you to fill in (after the order has been placed) if you have any questions or feel that you'd rather leave some options to our judgement (because we're more familiar and can see how things will fit best) then that's absolutely not a problem.

On all white cues or the Ebony Weave Superiore we recommend not using engraving but the Name Addition process because the laser marks are less reliable.   On the white cues there is a reflection issue and the Ebony weave has a micro-weave which makes the laser mark uneven.   The Name Addition option means we can do it in colour and does look really ace so its not a compromise at all.   If you would like to see pictures, please check out our gallery pages.

c) How do I place my order?
Look in the 'Personalisation' category and in there you will find all the options you need. These include 2 words, (ie first and second names) or 3+ words for messages etc. Pictures of some of previous work are shown but these are just to give you an idea of what we can do! Purchase the customisation option which is right for you, and then as soon as we have the order, we send you a Personalisation Form via email, which you then complete and send back.  We'll take it from there!  

d) How long does it take?
We act on customisation orders as soon as we can, once we have the details we draw up the layout and send it off. We know people who purchase personalised cues are really keen to receive them, especially if they are presents, so we try to get them to you asap. We keep you updated all the way, so you know when to expect it in the post, and if needs be, we can deliver to work addresses to make things easier for you - just tell us!

We typically quote 8-10 days for customisation orders, and the same for custom colour cues.  This is solely due to the work applying the name and/or colouring and lacquering the cue - we're meticulous in everything and take the time to do things as best we can!

If you really really do need it quickly though, tell us! We can pull out all the stops and deliver in about 4-5 days - best to get in touch as discuss what you need!  If it's a present we can even gift-wrap it for you .. 

 11) Name Addition and Bespoke Cue FAQs...

a) What colour can the cues be?

We can do almost any colour cue - excluding sky blue pink - and we're happy to match colours to a swatch if you have something very specific in mind though prices are dependent on the complexity of what you're asking for, but we always try our absolute best to get it spot on.   So far, we've managed some pretty amazing cues and we like adding to that collection as well as the hugely happy people who now show them off at their local pub...   Swatches are best sent as a piece of material - ie something real or printed, not just a colour on a computer screen as colour calibration varies from PC to PC so we like to absolutely certain of what you want.

b) What colour can the writing be?

We can do all colours though we can't guarantee to do all shades - there are some limitations but we always make sure we get it a close as possible and notify you of any unexpected problems.   Uually we can work around these if we have a little extra time and if we have to we'll do things 2 or 3 times to make sure we get it perfect.  

c) If I want a picture on the cue how should I send it?

We can use most file formats - psd, jpeg, pdf, ai, and gif so whatever you have sent it by email (sales@mojocues.co.uk) - we can always do you mock-ups before you order or buy anything - these are absolutely free!   Often we put a border round the edge of pictures to help create a bridge between the cue and the photo or image so please let us know what cue or what cue colour you're thinking of having as well, and if you'd like any writing with the photo - its completely up to you!

d) Is the writing or the picture on the outside of the cue?   Can't it...'come off'?

No, the images and writing are both made part of the cue and then finished over with a number of top gloss layers so it is well and truly there, fully secure and it won't come off, peel, chip or fade.   It's there until kingdom come!   We have tested this because obviously we want to be 100% sure as well but as we've found out, trying to remove anything is...harder work than creating it ever would be!  

e) How long does it take?

Names and messages on cues can take up to about a week depending on the cue involved - if the cue is made in a bespoke weight / colour / sparkle / fade then it can take longer but we can be pretty quick so if you need it quickly, just tell us!   Photos and more complex bespoke designs or Spectrum cues can take more like 7-10 days or up to two weeks but again, if you need it quickly then we often can do it quicker, though sometimes there is an extra £5 supplement and we could recommend you choose a Special Delivery option which is guaranteed next day.

f) How do I finalise my designs?

We do lots of mock-ups and can keep doing mock-ups until you're happy, once you're happy and we know all the details of what you want then we can go ahead and get it made - we don't just make it up or choose for you or assume anything.  We've never got it wrong so far and we've got thousands of bespokes under our belt so we are pretty committed to what we're doing.   At the end of the day, we really want you to be happy with your cue so we'll work with you as much as we can to make that happen!   You will probably speak to Nicola, who handles almost all orders and controls dispatches - unless she's happy the cue doesn't leave.   This was, she knows exactly what the cue should look like, and how gorgeous it should be and it seems to work really well!  

 Feedback from Some of Our Customers...(We're quite proud of it!)


Our First Customers From Australia:



Hi Steph,



Thankyou so much for all you hard work and help. He really loved the cue. We really appreatiate all the effort you put in.



Thankyou again,



Phil and Lucy



Hi Steph,
Wow, the cue arrived today and is perfect!! :-) Thankyou ever so much for your help and delivering a truly great product(+ new chalk, ta I needed some). You made everything so easy and I am very happy with the cue, I will be spreading the word about MoJo and showing everyone my new cue.
Great products sell themselves and this is certainly true here.
Many thanks



Very happy customer!! (Matt Bull, now equipped with his new Laser Engraved Cue!)



Hi Steph,



Used the new cue last night and was very impressed. Solid performance and dished out my first seven ball clearance for a while and all without tights on haha. Hope fire and ice delivers the same. Thanks, Shaun.............



Fire and Ice is awesome looks really good.if you do get that in other style cue i want the first one;-) My day off went well, thanks, I played lots of pool! lol



Shaun Smith, Hereford



Hello Steph! As promised I am reporting that we gave Gillian her new cue on Saturday. She was thrilled that she had her own cue at last and she loved the Mermaid design.She will probably get in touch herself when she has used it. Many thanks for your help.



Marion, (Stockport)



Hi Steph



Thank you very much! I got the cue today and it’s perfect. I can’ t wait to show him and see his face when he opens it!



Just to let you know Andy has found the cue and absolutely Loves it so guess what? Hhe now has it and is playing away with it. So once again thank you very much.



Katherine Ashton (Swindon)



Hey Steph



My bro-in-law sounds pretty happy too, he tells me it looks too nice to play with, so he's gonna mount it on the wall! so maybe we over-did it a bit. but i'm cool anyway



Thanks, Aadil, (St Albans)



Hi Steph,



Hi, received the cue straight away in the morning. Thank you very much for gift wrapping it. It was a present for myself really but made it extra special. Thanks for the christmas card too. The cue itself is absolutely amazing quality. Also have to admit I think your company is one of the best run in terms of customer service / satisfaction that I've ever come across. Will be recommending you to many people. I really hope you have a good Christmas as I know I will and that you haven't had to work too hard. Thank you for all your help and no doubt I will be sending more custom in your direction.



Mr Hollingworth



Hope you're enjoying Easter, no too many chocolate eggs and all that! Just to let you know that Chris got the cue safely and is over the moon with it! (Plus he thinks it must have been far more expensive than its very reasonable price :) ) Thanks for the wonderful service you've provided, you'll be highly recommended inthe future.



Kind regards, Simon (Simon Pretty, Southampton)



Hello Stephanie,



Just to let you know the christmas present was a BIG hit with our nephew and we thought it looked terrific and well presented too. Thanks very much again.



Gary Wilson



Hi Steph just to let yopu know my cue has arrived and im very pleased with your delivery and customer service Oh yeh and the cue is cool too ! I will most definitely be recomending you to my pool mates and anyone else who wants a cue !!! (Ian Finney, Stockport)



Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your care and attention to my order everything arrived OK and were wrapped lovely! For someone who has everything (and can afford anything) my brother was amused and very surprised at novelty of cues and will be waiting for when the English, Scots,Irish and Welsh Rugby Pals come to stay so that he can hand them their appropriate cues! He loved them. Thanks once again , we had a lovely day Sunday in Bray at Waterside Inn weather great, food out of this world and great company what more could you want. Hope your week is good



Kind Regards.



(Barbara James Cardiff Wales)



Hey Steph!



Just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend's cue turned up today and she loves it so much I think im redundant! At least now she can damage her own cue and not mine :) Thanks for all your help, hope today is going well for you and you're somewhere warm and cosy. I must say I am rather impressed with the cue, the girlfriend did offer to let me use it in my match tonight and even though I have great cheek bones I don't think I can get away with pink! The weight is perfect, the tip is well done and the connecting ring seems extremely sturdy but the thing I like the best about it is that flows very easily, I currently have a carbon graphite cue and it can be a bit sticky anyway thanks for everything and I look forward to receiving mine!!! Best wishes






Who just couldn't go without, so got one for himself with the laser engraving...



Hi Steph,



I received the cue this morning and I must say im rather disappointed, the colour is wrong, the wording is wrong and the connecting ring is loose....only joking it is the Muhamed Ali of pool cues!!!! I love it! You've done an excellent job, y'all have a great day now.



Take care



James (James Young, Canterbury)



Hi I recently bought a cue off you for my boyfriend for his 21st I'd just like to thank you for all your help and thought I'd email you to tell you he loves it and we will definitely recommend you. Thanks, Stacy (Stacy Betts, Leeds) Hi, thanks for the quick response. As you said the cue arrived at about 10am. It is not for me but for a very close friend and she is over the moon with it. Once again, thank you and I hope to business with you again soon.



T Fairhurst



Just emailing to let you know that I received my cue this morning. Took it out for a test play during my lunch hour and it handles fantastically. I wiped the floor with everyone :o) and yes, they were really jealous. I'm very pleased with it. Certainly feeling ready for my match tonight. Thanks so much for getting it to me today. Excellent service. I've recommended you to several peo



ple already, and will continue to do so.



Daniel Shanley,



Canterbury, Pool Team Captain

Thanks for getting the cues through so quick, they arrived this morning. Very impressed and would recommend. Thanks again

Russell Scott-Skinner,



7 oaks Photography, Kent Thanks for the email. I received my cue last Tuesday and have played with it a couple of times, and I'm glad to say it's fab! :) Thanks for a great cue and great customer service.



Ross Common



I love pink and the cue is good. All the men are jealous at my local club because they don't have the guts to get one! Thanks



Samantha Heywood



Just to let you know that I have received my lovely Pinkness of Power haha cue!! Im lovin it. Cant wait to try it out on all the guys and show off with it!! It will really stand out!



Thanks a lot!



Gail, Middlesborough



Hi Stephanie. I picked up my cue this evening. The post office were looking after it for me! Anyway, it's gorgeous! I could just look at it all day! Also, thank you for the charger. It's in my work drawer in case of emergencies. You will be hearing from me in the future as I intend to get more cues from you. I just love the designs. They're so different from your ordianry cue. Thanks again!



Steven Man, Paddington



'Cool cue, can't wait to try it - may you sell many more!' Paul Grice



'Choosing was the hardest part! But I'm so glad I got one, everyone who sees it is so jealous!' Ben Jones, Leamington



'I've played a lot of pool and snooker, and didn't believe the cue could be as nice as Steph said until I saw it. Now I have two, and they're still just as fine as the day I got them.' Rob Cork, Cambridge University Pool Team President, BUSA Champions 2006, trialing for Nationals 2007



'Well, I really liked the cue designs and you've (Steph) been more than helpful. I work as a retail manager so I understand the importance of good customer service, and you've been great, so thanks, and I hope you're company does really well! If you treat every customer with the same professional but friendly approach you have with me I have no doubt you'll have many more happy customer.' Matt Calway, Yeovil League player



'Perfect present - my partner was so pleased with it, and gift wrapping and making sure I had it in time was really excellent service. This birthday has been a real success - I'm wondering if i can get him another MoJo for Christmas! I don't think he'd mind!' Tracy Hill, Birmingham, happily married to self-confessed pool fanatic



'It was my mistake when I bought the American Pool Cue size by mistake, but you've been so good at exchanging and sorting everything out - can't complain at all, customer service is brilliant!' David Workman, Shropshire



Just a quick reply to Stephanie's email to let you know the cue has arrived this morning. I am pleased to say I am highly impressed by the cue, it is deceptively powerful with fantastic balance and accuracy - not to mention it looks phenomenal with people already asking where they can get one (bearing in mind I've had it for only around 10 hours lol). Further can I add a thankyou for a great shopping service and very swift delivery, very much appreciated,



faithfully, L.A. Sykes.



The first thing that struck me when opening the case, was the quality of the fit and finish of the cue. Mine is a Deep Claret Snooker cue and is just beautiful. The fittings are excitingly chunky and well plated. They make the cue feel very strong and secure when you put it together. The claret colour is deep and rich like a good car finish and the last18 inches are thoughtfully sanded to a satin finish which glides sexily over your cueing hand. There's a practical but inobtrusive rubber pad on the butt for it to rest on when you're standing around watching your (ex) best mate clear the table, again. The tip is slim and refined and very securely mounted.



This cue feels like a very expensive piece of work, it shouts quality. Using the cue, the first thing that struck me was the balance. It feels absolutely perfect in the hand. I was surprised and delighted with the immense grace, power and accuracy of the cue. All this for less than fifty quid.



Get one of these. If you're anything like me, you may still play like a pratt , but you'll feel like a Pro.



Karl Derrick








Find Your MoJo and have a Great Experience of Your Own - Give in to the Temptation!