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We're not ones to boast but .. this may be one of our best reviews ever - thank you Mr C!  This was for a custom colour and design 4 piece cue and matching case, plus 1 piece cues with picture and name -

'Sheer magic, brill, fantastic, amazing, no sorry I can't find a word in the dictionary that can even get close to describe the craftsmanship and the look of these cues - MoJo, you never cease to amaze me.  Nicola, give my best regards to all your staff who have once again come out top dog for design and quality, once again thank you all'.

MoJo is a company based in the UK run by a committed, friendly and determined group of enthusiastic people, who want you to get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from your pool and snooker playing. We are really proud of our product, and believe in offering quality and maintaining high standards.   While we have been running for a good number of years now, this is our new website is designed to make finding your new exciting cue easier and offering you more products! Thank you for visiting us and happy shopping!

Whilst we offer a good range of products, if you can't see exactly what you are looking for CALL US as we make custom items designed to your specification - a themed club cue, or your home country, or your business, or your Service, or your favourite car, or your favourite motorbike .. we will make your dream a reality!  

All the best from the MoJo Team!